KRAFTON BANS OVER 66000 BGMI ACCOUNT FOR CHEATING/HACKING, BGMI has banned more than 66000 account for cheating between 28th march and 3 april


PUBG developer Krafton has banned 66,233 Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) accounts for cheating during the week ending April 3.

The BGMI maker also published a list containing the names of all the accounts that have been shut out from its platform.

Krafton had seemingly ramped up its crackdown on accounts using unauthorised third-party programs in the BGMI game.

The company said it will continue to implement strong sanctions that will help to stop the use of illegal programs in the game. It hopes to maintain a pleasant gaming environment for its gamers.

Krafton also provided the list of all accounts banned from the game last week. This is not the first time that Krafton will be shutting out thousands of accounts from BGMI.

Overall, Krafton has banned a total of 122,766 accounts from BGMI since March 6 and 569,420 in 2022, the report said.

The accounts ban began last year to prevent illegal programme from being used on the platform.

The bans previously did not target devices but now, both the account and device are shut out simultaneously.

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