Pubg KR Apk Obb Download | PUBG KR 1.3 New Update 2021

In this article you can find Pubg KR Apk Obb Download and Pubg KR New Update 2021 korean version New season 18 PUBG Mobile 1.3 Update . firstly you need to download PUBG MOBILE apk and obb file from given link and follow the given steps below. With this method you can eaisly update your pubg mobile kr version to new update 2021 latest version in india.

Pubg Mobile KR New Update 2021

  1. Enter Metro Royale:

Tap the metro tunnel entrance in the Lobby to enter the Metro Royale gameplay lobby, which contains an exclusive system and features, including a black market, loadout inventory, command post, missions, talents, rankings, etc.

Pubg Kr Apk Obb Download Pubg New Update 2021
Pubg KR Apk Obb Download Pubg KR New Update 2021
  1. Black Market:
    1. The Black Market is the exclusive Metro Royale shop. Players can purchase supplies and new equipment here before starting a match. Players can also sell the supplies they bring out of Metro Royale for Metro Cash. Pubg KR Apk Obb Download | Pubg KR New Update 2021
    2. The supplies available in the Black Market differ from those inClassic Mode and are divided into different quality levels. The Black Market also offers Metro Royale-exclusive weapons, mines, and other new items.
  2. Loadout Inventory:
    1. Equipment configured in the loadout menu can be brought into battle.When you return victorious from the battlefield, items are taken back to the loadout menu. Pubg KR Apk Obb Download | Pubg KR New Update 2021
    2. Items can be stored in the Metro Royale Inventory. Items kept in the Metro Royale Inventory won’t be brought into the battlefield and won’t be lost if the player is defeated.
    3. Items carried in your Backpack will be the only items you bring into the match, so remember to include enough ammo!
    4. Items stored in the Lock Box will be brought back to you whether you win or lose the match.

4. Command Post:

  1. At the Command Post, you can check your Favorability with NPCs, read NPC backstories, and give them gifts to increase your Favorability.
  2. When your Favorability with an NPC increases, they’ll give you useful resources that will help you survive in the Metro Royale world!

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How to Download PUBG Kr APK and OBB New Update Step By Step:

Step 1: Download the APK & OBB Both files from the links as mentioned in this post below.

Step 2: Go to the Settings > Safety and Privacy > Allow Installation from Unknown Sources.

Step 3: Install the APK file but make sure do not open it yet.

Step 4: Rename the OBB file to ‘’. However, do not change the extension of the file.

Step 5: Copy it to Android/OBB/com.pubg.krmobile (if there is no folder with this name, then create one)

These are the complete tutoreal guide for downloading and installing this app PUBG MOBILE KR version 1.2 update season 17.

this is PUBG Battle royal game version season 17 and season 18 coming in next 8 weeks. every eight weaks pubg mobile kr version change and update there season with royal pass features which starts from 600 uc and go upto 1800 uc.

PUBG Korean Version Latest APK and OBB Download Hundred Rhythms Kr Update 1.3

The total download size is around 900 MB (apk+obb), and it will require approximately 4 GB of free storage space to accommodate the game files.

PUBG Corporation released new update for PUBG Korean (KR) version 1.3.0 this version supports 32 bit and 64 bit versions. Download links given below. 32 Bit version specialy design for below android 10 smartphones and 64 supports only android 10. So if you wnat to Download 32 Bit PUBG it Supports All Android phones as well as 64 bit processors also.

Pubg Kr Apk Obb Download Pubg New Update 2021 

Pubg Kr Apk Obb Download Pubg New Update 2021

Pubg KR Apk Obb Download Link:

Download Pubg KR 1.3 Update 2021: Click Here

Pubg KR Apk Obb Download | Pubg KR New Update 2021 :

  1. Metro-Themed Interface & Rewards: Get Artyom or Anna at Lv. 1 The new Night Terror Set awaits at Lv. 100.
  2. New Metro events: RP exclusive event tab. Obtain Metro Badges via various channels to go on an adventure. Unlock the story as you explore and choose to advance for free or after making a purchase. Collect Metro supplies and redeem them for Colonel Miller and other grand rewards.
  3. New RP group event: Join a group after purchasing the RP, add enough members to collect a free reward, and reach the target level together to receive an extra reward!

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