PUBG: New State Announces A-Squad Partners Program for Content Creators, What is the Benefits?

PUBG: New State Announces A-Squad Partners Program for Content Creators, What is the Benefits?: Krafton has launched a new initiative to assist content makers. At the same time, this new scheme, dubbed A-Squad Partners Program, aims to promote the streaming of PUBG: New State, a mobile battle royale game. This programme provides creators with a slew of unique features and perks. As a result, the quality of PUBG: New State Streams improves.

PUBG New State A-Squad Partners Program Eligibility

Firstly we will tell you that content creators must be 10 years of age or older to participate in this program. In addition, content creators must have at least 10,000 subscribers or followers on the social media platform they are active on. At the same time, more than 20 percent of the content related to PUBG: New State should be uploaded on the chosen social media platform of the creator within the last month.

Therefore, as members of the A-Squad Partners Program, members will receive certain benefits. This includes support, customized event invitations, and more. They’ll also get access to exclusive in-game content. You can check all those benefits through this link.

What is PUBG NS A Squad Partner Program

This programme, however, does not stipulate that creators must adhere to the company’s Terms and Conditions and Intellectual Property Policy. However, producers should be aware that the content in the A-Squad Partners Program is considered secondary labour, as it was generated utilising Krafton’s intellectual property. As a result, producing revenue from this work is only possible with Krafton’s permission. Furthermore, generating revenue using platforms other than those permitted by Krafton is banned.

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