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How to Get Free Character Voucher in BGMI- Free Anna Character

How to Get Free Character Voucher in BGMI- Free Anna Character: Gamers, if you play the game Battlegrounds Mobile India, then it is obvious that you will also be aware of many other types of items inside it, but today we are going to tell you how to get Free Character Voucher in BGMI like Anna, Carlo, Andy.

To buy character voucher, you have to open the BGMI game and there you will see the option of shop, click on it and after going inside you will see the treasure option, then you have to select the treasure option After selecting the treasure option, you have to come to the bottom side, there you will be seeing the character voucher and to buy the character voucher, you need a UC, you can buy 100 character voucher i.e. ₹ 100 in 1 day.

If you want to buy character voucher then you would need money for that but if you want to buy character voucher for free then today I have brought such easy trick for you with the help of which you can get inside Battlegrounds Mobile India game absolutely for free. You can buy character vouchers.

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Get Free Character Voucher in BGMI

Both character vouchers can be used to buy any character in BGMI game i.e. if you want to buy any character inside BGMI game then you must have character voucher only then you can buy character but friends You can either get to see the character voucher for free in some event or you have come across some such game in which you get the character voucher, then your problem can be solved, but now both these things are not available, then for this You have to download the application.

How To Unlock Anna Character In BGMI For Free?

Anna is a newly added character in BGMI and PUBG Mobile after the v1.7 update, and after the launch of this character, an event is going on in her launch. The special abilities of this character has not been revealed by the game till now.

But I think she can help us to discover opponent positions in a fixed radius. Because her father was an investigator officer, and now she has also become an investigator officer, so she might help us in finding opponent. You can unlock Anna For free with character voucher.

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