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FAUG TDM APK Download Link: bit.ly/3xU4GM7| Faug Early Access TDM Beta Version Apk And Obb Download: FAUG game has been launched in India on 26 January i.e. our Republic Day. This game created by NCore Games is officially released on the Google Play Store for Android mobile phones in India. And also you can play in ios now. Fauji has just been launched with Story Mode but in the coming few months you will be able to see new features with new updates of Fauji. So what are the features of this faug new update, we know in this article.



How can you download military games now all in google play store. This game supports the recent Galwan story mode, which we also call campaign mode. Along with this, the Battle Royale and Multiplayer mode will also be seen in the new update, in which you will also see the Team Deathmatch mode. Recently, a post by Ncore Games was released that it was said that Faug is soon ready to bring team Deathmatch. So we can assume that the new feature in the Faug game will be released after April 15.

Faug Game New Update Features

1. Battle Royale Mode

Not only this, you can also see Battle Royal Mode in the game in the coming weeks. According to the Ganesh Hande (CEO of Ncore Games) that Battle Royal Mode will be introduced in the game soon. It will not be on the Galvan Valley map, but it may be seen soon in new updates.

2. Faug TDM Mode 5v5

Like Pubg mobile, within this game also you will be given a time limit in which the team with the most kills (points) or 50 kills will be victorious. In Fau-G TDM you will also get weapons of your choice which will include guns such as Ak rifle, semi-auto guns, machine guns, snipers, pistols, grenade and sword etc.

3. Royale Pass Rewards

Inside the game you will get options to take the Battle Pass just like Pubg Mobile. Royale Pass Rewards has not been brought on the official launch of the game i.e. January 26 but you will be able to see it in the upcoming update. To take the battle pass, you have to make an online payment, which will give you guns skin and character skins.

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