Marathi Name of Tuna Fish

Marathi Name of Tuna Fish: If you also came here after watch that ‘Tuna Fish in Marathi’ meme then read this article carefully. The Google search of ‘The Marathi name of Tuna Fish’ is in controversy as people are searching on it after recommendation from meme. But, Google is showing wrong answer to that question. Why Google is showing this kind of answer? Read this full post to know about the viral memes.

Why google showing the wrong information about Tuna Fish

This is the mistake from Google’s algorithm of showing wrong answer instead of right ones. As you know google take their answers from third party websites. So this happens in rare cases. But, people are enjoying it as a meme.

The Real Name Of Tuna Fish in Marathi

Here is the real name of Tuna Fish in Marathi:

Tuna fish कुपा मासा – Tuna Fish in Marathi
Scientific nameThunini
MassAtlantic bluefin tuna: 220 – 250 kg
Amount per 100 gCalories 132

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