PUBG Mobile Royale Pass 19 Release Date, Gun Skins and Rewards

PUBG Mobile Royale Pass 19 Release Date, Gun Skins and Rewards: Guys! as you know recently the developers of PUBG Mobile has introduced his new season called Royale Pass 18. Hope you are all enjoying this season. The ongoing season of the game will end on May 15th. So in this post we will tell you about Pubg Mobile RP new season release date Skin and Rewards.

PUBG Mobile Season 19 Release Date

Every season, developers introduce a new Royale Pass, which comes with new colorful attires, weapons skins, and other items, and the new season is expected to arrive on May 17th. In this article, we dive into Season 19 Royale Pass leaks in PUBG Mobile.

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Pubg New Season 19 Gun Skins and Rewards

We have curated a list of anticipated arrivals in the PUBG Mobile Season 19 RP rewards. Check out the list below, maybe some of these are the ones that you have been wishing for a long time. Based on the items in the leaks, the upcoming season of PUBG mobile might be set in a  Jungle theme with most outfits and weapons skins named after jungle animals and insects.

  • Season 19 Royale Pass RP Rank 1 Outfit:
  • Season 19 Royale Pass Backpack: The Season 19 Elite Royale Pass will have an excellent backpack skin named Gemstone Scarab Backpack.
  • Season 19 Royale Pass Airplane: The Airplane skin of Season 19 Royale Pass is called Ancient Vine finish.
  • Season 19 Royale Pass Helmet: In Royale Pass 19 you will get helmet skin of PUBG Mobile is called Crimson Beetle Helmet.
  • Season 19 Royale Pass UMP45 finish: Players who can’t purchase the Elite Royale Pass will receive a free UMP45 skin called Alien UMP45.
  • Season 19 Royale Pass AKM skin: There is a marvelous weapon skin for AKM assault rifle in the Season 19 Royale Pass. The skin is called Wanderland AKM and will be a magnificent addition to any player’s inventory.
  • Season 19 Royale Pass Grenade Skin:
  • Season 19 Royale Pass 100 RP Outfit:

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