What is the meaning of OP in PUBG MOBILE | OP Full Form

OP Full Form in PUBG Mobile What is the meaning of OP in PUBG MOBILE What is the full form of OP – Friends, nowadays PUBG Mobile game is very popular in India. At present time, the PUBG Mobile global version has been Banned in India. And it will soon be launched in India. Guys, if you play PUBG Mobile, you must have heard your friends saying ‘OP’. So today we will know what is this ‘OP’ and why and when it is spoken.

Full Form Of OP in Pubg Mobile:

The full form of OP is ‘Overpowered’. This is mostly given to the player who kills enemies very easily in the game. Not only in PUBG but also in every other games, ‘OP‘ is an abbreviation for ‘Overpowered‘. It is basically used for appreciating the performance or the overall event.

Full Form of HP or 1HP in PUBG Mobile:

Full Form of HP or 1HP in PUBG Mobile

The full form of HP is Health Points. Hit points or health points can be seen in a player’s health and how much damage he can take.

What is GG in PUBG Mobile:

GG means good game. It is mostly used after the game is over to thank your mates and thicken them.

Full Form of AFK in PUBG Mobile:

AFK means away from keyboard. It is used when the player is away from their device in which they are playing. In PUBG MOBILE, it is called AFM which means Away from Mobile.

Full Form of FPP in PUBG Mobile:

The full form of FPP is First Person Perspective.

Full Form of FPP in PUBG Mobile

Full Form of TPP in PUBG Mobile:

The full form of TPP is Third Person Perspective.

So guys in this post we informed you about What is the meaning of OP,1HP,TPP,FPP,AFK,GG in PUBG MOBILE OP Full Form Hope you Linked it.

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