Pubg Mobile India Trailer : Launch Date To Be Revealed on Play Store!

Pubg Mobile India Trailer : Launch Date To Be Revealed on Play Store!

A few days ago, the title is making a comeback in the country soon, as many PUBG mobile fans and players are presumably aware of the return of the game. On Thursday, PUBG Corporation announced that it was ready to release a special edition of the game to Indian audiences.

It will feature some changes, including green hit effects and the convenience of limiting game time. There was also the report of an advertisement showing the major PUBG mobile figures.

Pubg Mobile Trailer and Teaser Revealed:

PUBG Mobile India Version New Features:

  1. Hindi Chat Support: PUBG mobile india version have dedicated Hindi Language support for chat options. This feature is good and to be fun for indian users.
  2. Indian Festival Events: PUBG going to launch event on indian festivals. you can participate this contest and win BP, Silver Coin, RP Points & Much more.
  3. Extra Stable Performance: PUBG says that indian version of pubg mobile going to extra stable and smooth Performance.
  4. Security & Old Account Data: PUBG Mobile Says that we respect Data security and privacy of indian users so pubg mobile india version going to be safe. and also pubg indian version backed up buy your pubg mobile achivements and data like you K/D Ratio, Dresses, Gun Skins and every thing including royal pass.
  5. Metro Mode: The PUBG Mobile 1.1 update will be fully released to all users. After the update was released, players from different versions would not be able to invite each other. PUBG Metro Royale Mode will not be released with the update, instead it will be available.

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