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Why Boycott Nothing Phone 1 is Trending? #DearNothing

Why Boycott Nothing Phone 1 is Trending: The company’s first smartphone, the Nothing Phone 1, was released in the Indian market. On the day of its release, a boycott of the device began, with the hashtags #BoycottNothing, #BoycottNothingphone1, and #Dearnothing trending on Twitter. Hindi speakers and the Hindi language were also kept secret in the boycott of Nothing Phone 1. What does Hindi have to do with a phone? However, there has been a backlash against Hindi language thanks to the Nothing Phone Boycott.

Why People boycotting Nothing Company?

Reasons to #BoycottNothing A new Nothing Phone 1 was actually launched in India. All YouTube channel subscribers received a phone to evaluate, and a tech youtuber from Tamil Nadu also received a phone with the note “This Device Is Not For South Indian People,” which indicates that the phone is not for South Indians. A racist letter meeting infuriated YouTuber Prasad, who declared, “Nothing Mobile has discriminated against the people of South India.” They have offended them; now boycott Nothing with me, people.

Nothing Letter Is Fake Or Real?

While people are supporting #BoycottNothing, there are others who are calling it a publicity stunt. People going against #BoycottNothing say that YouTuber has done this to himself and not the company has sent him a racist letter. Why would any mobile company do this? YouTuber Prasad has only spread lies about Nothing Company to the people. So that he gets popularity and he also got it. Let us tell you that Nothing Mobile itself has established its unit in South India’s Tamil Nadu, if it had so much problem with South India and South Indian, then why would it start the unit there?

Nothing Company Reply to Tech Youtubers

Nothing India General Manager Manu Sharma has now tweeted a new letter addressing the issue. Check it out below.

Sharma notes in the tweet that many regional creators have received the Nothing phone (1) and that more creators are expected to receive the phone gradually, as is customary in the sector. In the YouTube video, he also made reference to the false letter and added that “many mistook it for an official communication” from the business.

“As a young brand, our journey will be filled with praise and criticism. We are aware of that. However, false representation and deceptive promises are in no way acceptable, Sharma continued.

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