Niantic Announce New AR Game Peridot

Niantic Announce New AR Game Peridot

Niantic Announce New AR Game Peridot Niantic’s new virtual pet game is both similar to and a departure from Pokémon Go Peridot is Niantic’s next game, a virtual pet game inspired by everything from Tamagotchi to Neopets. It’s Niantic’s latest attempt to replicate Pokemon Go’s massive popularity, this time with an experience aimed squarely at casual gamers.

Peridot is Niantic’s first original IP since Ingress, and it’s been in development for two and a half years. It’s centred around breeding, rearing, and playing with Peridots, mystical creatures that have been dormant for thousands of years Niantic Announce New AR Game Peridot

Niantic Announce New AR Game Peridot
Niantic Announce New AR Game Peridot

Peridot will be based, like Niantic’s other games, around exploring the real world with your virtual pets. Peridots can identify varied terrain and forage for different items depending on whether they’re on grass, water, or sand, thanks to Nianatic’s Lightship ARDK technology. The game’s gameplay will change depending on the weather patterns, and Niantic says it’s working on adding snow to the mix.

Niantic Announce New AR Game Peridot

Niantic Announce New AR Game Peridot, Daily Tasks in Peridot include petting, feeding, and strolling your creature. Individual Peridots will have their unique wishes, such as visiting a certain location or eating a blue tomato. If you neglect your Peridot, there will be no consequences, thus they will never die if you get busy and decide to do something else for a time. Instead, Niantic wants to incentivize gamers to return and play more frequently.

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“To be completely honest, we examined a large number of pets in video games. While iterating on them, our game design team was playing the majority of them “Ziah Fogel, the producer, says

Niantic Announce New AR Game Peridot Features

Peridots can be bred together after they reach adulthood, with each Peridot having its own set of preferences, powers, and look. “Unicorn” and “Clownfish” are individual archetypes, as are more esoteric themes like “Jester.” Breeding will take place in various nests based on specific archetypes, with some having the ability to alter a single trait and others having the ability to mutate a variety of features

“It’s something we’ve been thinking about a lot,” says Fogel. “While this game specifically asks you to visit the Points of Interest [in-game regions based on real-world landmarks], there are other parts that can be completed without visiting a Point of Interest.”

Feeding, petting, and training are examples of activities that do not necessitate the activation of a Point of Interest. Niantic is also looking into additional ways to help rural gamers, such as bringing in floating elements, according to Fogel.

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